Salvador Sanchez's Museum
Personal Belongings
wallet Deportes Mickey Shirt
Sanchez’ Wallet, American Express Card, and Playboy Club Card Sanchez’ check book bag with signature, American Express invoice, and personal rear view mirror gloves Sweatshirt, pants, shoes and belt along with fragments from the vehicle that Sanchez died in
watches Boxer's licence suit
Two of Sanchez' personal timepieces Sanchez' New York State Athletic Commission boxing license and both Mexican and World Boxing Council passports Sanchez’ personal clothing
CA licence CA licence 2 CA licence
Sanchez’ California State Athletic Commision license that was given to him at the age of 19 Contents of Sanchez’ California State Athletic Commision license Sanchez’ California State Athleltic Commision license receipt
Box y Lucha Libre Esta licence Record
Sanchez’ first professional boxing license Sanchez' Identification and picture Record of Sanchez’ early fights in the license book