Salvador Sanchez Tribute
Anniversary of Salvador Sanchez' Death

Every year the people of Sanchez’ hometown Santiago Tianguistenco, Mexico celebrate his life and career through an homage on August 12, the anniversary of his death. The day begins with a morning mass at the town square’s famous Church of Santa María del Buen Suceso where Sanchez’ baptism, communion, and ultimately late funeral took place August 15, 1982 in front of more than 50,000 people.

Upon the completion of the mass, people gather around for photos with a t-shirt, magazine, or poster of their late champion with friends or family of his. There is a brief ceremony held at the cemetery in front of Sal’s grave where family and friends gather to sing tributary songs and share some words of wisdom and hope. The tribute is then moved to the municipal auditorium for the fans to enjoy a few amateur fights and traditional recipes of the small but welcoming town. Food is served by the Sanchez family for all attendees free of charge.

Sanchez Mom and Grant Phillips Juan Laporte and Phillips Sanchez dad and Phillips
Salvador Sanchez’ mother with Grant Elvis Phillips Juan LaPorte with Phillips at Sanchez' grave Salvador Sanchez’ father, Felipe with Phillips
crowd with banner crowd claps flowers by grave
Salvador Sanchez' family holding an honorary parade banner Salvador Sanchez’ homage at the cemetery Salvador Sanchez’ grave site
indoor ring Sal 2 signs Sal written in dirt
Salvador Sanchez’ annual homage ceremony at the municipal auditorium of Santiago Tianguistenco Salvador Sanchez II signing autographs for his uncle's fans "SAL"